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This website contains photographs taken by Dennis Penny an amateur photographer living in Dunfermline, Scotland. The photographs cover a variety of different subjects and styles and can be viewed by using the Albums headings above.

Car Racing The majority of the photographs on display have been taken using Canon cameras and lenses. A variety of Digital SLRs being used over the years. Currently the SLR being used is a Canon 1 DX Mark II and while a variety of lenses are owned the most used lens is a Canon 100-400mm L Mark II. An additional camera has been purchased an Olympus M1 Mark II, results from this camera will be seen from 2020.

While this is not a commercial venture, any of the images displayed may be purchased for a nominal fee. For further details please contact me using the email address shown below.

Albums contain images of a whole range of subjects. Landscapes can be found as well as images from travel photography. The travel photographs are more likely to have been taken using compact cameras. The technical data (EXIF) for all the images on this site can be viewed in each album.
Horse Racing

Included in the site are several albums of sporting events. These include Equestrian events from Horse Racing to Show Jumping, with Polo, Carriage Driving and Horse Trials also being covered. These events mainly taking place at venues in Scotland. Requests to use these equestrian images have been received from several publications. Also mages have been supplied to individuals connected with equestrian events such as racehorse owners and trainers.


Other sports are covered from fast paced Motor Sports of both car and bike racing to a perhaps the more sedate sport of Beach Cricket.
Although the capturing of the action may be seen as the purpose of sports photography where possible photographs are included showing some of the background to the event.
All the sports photographs are taken from areas used by spectators with no special access or privileges being sought or granted.

Also a general interest in aircraft has resulted in aviation photography being added to my portfolio. The aim being where possible to avoid standard record shots and create images that are a bit different. This can therefore be a challenging subject with the weather, light and types of aircraft all playing a part. In addition to general aviation being covered at Edinburgh Airport albums of photographs taken at Air Shows and also Gliders near Kinross are also included. Although aviation photography is a new subject for me the images have been well received. Requests to use these images coming from airline pilots, airlines and a major aircraft engine manufacturer.

While taking photographs at Edinburgh Airport an unexpected bonus has resulted as it has turned out to be a good source for wildlife photography. From Ospreys to Deer have been photographed within feet of the airport perimeter fence.

There are however other albums covering various subjects and photographic techniques. To visit them simply use the menu at the top of the page or the Sitemap below. There is also a album containing a sample of photographs from each subject. The Thumbnails in the albums have a red star where the image has been newly added, some albums also have a search facility.

Navigation through this site can also be achieved using a site map which can be found using this link:- SITE MAP.

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