Photographs by Dennis Penny

Film Strip

Please note that the website PennyPictures is not a commercial venture. However any of the images can be purchased for a nominal sum.

While prints are not supplied, I can provide the image in a digital format (JPG). This will be at the highest resolution available, and can be used when organising your own printing.

To place an order please follow the filling steps:-
  1. Contact me using the email address - em
  1. Advise which image(s) you would like quoting the following information from the gallery-
    1. Gallery name e.g. Autumn Scotland
    2. Image name e.g. Loch Voil (3)

  2. Advise how you would like to pay -
    1. PayPal
    2. Bank Transfer

  3. I will then -
    1. advise the cost involved which will be dependent on whether the image is to be used for personal or commercial use.
    2. as not all images I have are displayed on this site I will, if possible, forward any similar images I have, this will allow the purchaser more of a choice.
    3. I will also advise the bank account details to which the funds should be transferred.

If the image(s) requested are too large to send by email then a file transfer service will be used. This free process will result in an email being received from the service which will contain a link that can be used to download the images.

While no copyright will be visible on the image purchased it should be noted that the copyright will still remain with Dennis Penny.