Specific Aircraft

Photographs of the following aircraft Dragon Rapide, Catalina, Spitfire, Vulcan Bomber and the Islander.
Britten Norman Islander While not an historic aircraft the Islander it is one of my favourite aircraft as my first flight was in Loganair's...

Britten Norman Islander

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Catalina The Consolidated PBY Catalina, was an American flying boat, and later an amphibious aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s...


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Dragon Rapide The de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide was a 1930s British short-haul biplane airliner for 6–8 passengers.

Dragon Rapide

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Spitfire The Supermarine Spitfire is a British fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries...


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Vulcan Bomber The Avro Vulcan is a jet-powered tailless delta wing high-altitude strategic bomber, which was operated by the RAF from...

Vulcan Bomber

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